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S.A.D. Jumelet


This Environment exists in the following Working Area(s):


The "Remote" Environment is a quite abstract type of Environment and is to be considered as any place that is beyond administrative and security control of ArchiSurance. Although client facilities in this Environment might be provided by ArchiSurance (e.g. a mobile PC or a phone), in the Remote Environment they are used without corporate supervision and easily accessible for others. Access to ArchiSurance centralized IT resources is provided by Internet connections.

Business Context

In the Remote Environment, ArchiSurance employees can access centralized ArchiSurance IT-resources, for example on the road, at home or in a hotel, or at an office of a third party that provides public Internet access. Sales representatives, traders, Quality Assurance personnel, IT-administrators are typical user groups that work in this Environment. From this Environment, employees are able to access valuable resources to make better deals, to check important product data on third party or Distribution Point premises, or to process information/accomplish urgent administrative tasks outside business hours.

Quality Demands

The quality demands of this Environment are:

QA Group Quality Attribute Value Rationale
Flexibility Adaptability NS -
Scalability NS -
Maintainability Manageability NS -
Accountability PP Using piecewise pricing per user (account) that is able to work within this Environment, availability of central resources for this type of use can be guaranteed. It also fosters the awareness of the desirability of the protection of free time that is of important value to ArchiSurance.
Reliability Availability NS -
Integrity Medium Sufficient levels of authentication and encryption are necessary to counterbalance the effect of unauthorized use by people that find or steal client facilities of ArchiSurance employees.

NB: Only the two or three most important Quality demands for this environments are rated here. The purpose of this listing is to generally characterize an Environment in terms of Quality demands.

Building Block Variants, suited for this Environment

There are currently 1 Building Block Variants that can operate in this Environment. The table below shows which Building Block Variants these are:

Building Block Variant Primary environment Owner Maturity
Workspace Engine.Integrated Tablet Remote

J.A.H. Schoonderbeek