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User details
user icon Name J.A.H. Schoonderbeek
Job title Senior Consultant Business Infrastructure
Telephone -
Mobile +31-(0)6-45 26 23 16

"I'm a stream of noughts and crosses in your R.A.M."

Ownership overview

J.A.H. Schoonderbeek is owner of the following Building Block Types:

ContributionsDocument typeWorking AreaMaturity
BT.User InputBuilding Block TypeClient Realm (CR)
BT.User OutputBuilding Block TypeClient Realm (CR)
BT.Header ModificationBuilding Block TypeMiddleware (MW)
BT.Identity StoreBuilding Block TypeMiddleware (MW)
BT.Identity ValidationBuilding Block TypeMiddleware (MW)
BT.Message DistributionBuilding Block TypeMiddleware (MW)
BT.Message EngineBuilding Block TypeMiddleware (MW)
BT.Message FilteringBuilding Block TypeMiddleware (MW)
BT.Message RespondingBuilding Block TypeMiddleware (MW)
BT.Message StoreBuilding Block TypeMiddleware (MW)
BT.Message TransformationBuilding Block TypeMiddleware (MW)
BT.Permission RegisterBuilding Block TypeMiddleware (MW)
BT.Permission ValidationBuilding Block TypeMiddleware (MW)
BT.Name ResolutionBuilding Block TypeNetwork (NW)
BT.AlertingBuilding Block TypeSecurity + Support (SS)
BT.Configuration RegisterBuilding Block TypeSecurity + Support (SS)
BT.Configuration RetrievalBuilding Block TypeSecurity + Support (SS)
BT.DeploymentBuilding Block TypeSecurity + Support (SS)
BT.LoggingBuilding Block TypeSecurity + Support (SS)
BT.ReportingBuilding Block TypeSecurity + Support (SS)
BT.Data EngineBuilding Block TypeServer (SE)
BT.Data ScanningBuilding Block TypeServer (SE)
BT.File EngineBuilding Block TypeServer (SE)
BT.Stream ReceptionBuilding Block TypeServer (SE)
BT.Stream TransformationBuilding Block TypeServer (SE)
BT.TimeBuilding Block TypeServer (SE)
BT.ArchivingBuilding Block TypeStorage (ST)
BT.BackupBuilding Block TypeStorage (ST)
BT.Raw RetentionBuilding Block TypeStorage (ST)
BT.RestoreBuilding Block TypeStorage (ST)
BT.Retention EngineBuilding Block TypeStorage (ST)

J.A.H. Schoonderbeek is owner of the following Pattern Types:

ContributionsDocument typeMaturity
PAT.Access DistributionPattern Type
PAT.Access SecurityPattern Type
PAT.Authentication+AuthorizationPattern Type
PAT.Content HostingPattern Type
PAT.Data ManagementPattern Type
PAT.Data TransportPattern Type
PAT.Data Zone ProtectionPattern Type
PAT.File StoragePattern Type
PAT.Identity+Permission ManagementPattern Type
PAT.Raw StoragePattern Type
PAT.Streams ManagementPattern Type
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