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  1. Confidentiality:
    All information in this wiki must be considered public domain; you are not allowed to enter information that is copyrighted or in other ways legally encumbered without permission from the owner of the rights.

  2. Responsibility:
    1. Your account is named, and tied to your person. You are not allowed to share your account details with anyone.
    2. Any editing in this wiki under your account is explicitly attributed to you. This means that any misuse of your account (vandalizing pages, falsifying information, improper deletions et cetera) will prima facie also be attributed to you personally.

  3. Usability:
    All information in this wiki is entered by your colleagues and yourself; you must assume good faith for every piece of information, but cannot assume infallibility of it. Should you spot an error or omission in a text that is created/edited by one or more other persons, please do not hesitate to step in:
    1. if you are fairly certain you can improve the article, change the article so that the error or omission is corrected or mitigated, or
    2. if you feel there might be a problem, just start a discussion on the Talk: page of the article, in which you can voice your concerns. If response is not immediate, or confidential discussion is preferable, then please contact the author(s) of the article by e-mail.
  4. Scope:
    This wiki has only one particular topic, namely infrastructure architecture. When adding information, please keep to this topic. You can be flexible in the interpretation of relevance, but please refrain from adding information that is not in any way helpful to colleagues working on or with infrastructure architecture.