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S.A.D. Jumelet


The Working Area "Client Realm" is where we find all facilities that offer means to process input from or deliver output to end users. This Working Area thus includes facilities like PC's, printers, scanners and telephones, but also specialized facilities like kiosks or Point-of-Sale equipment (cash registers, bar code scanners). They share a couple of characteristics:

  • the functionality involves either receiving input from, or creating output to the end user, or both;
  • the functionality is always realized at the location of an end user, or a group of end users.

Client Realm (CR) Building Blocks and Environments

The following Building Block Types (infrastructure facilities) belong to this Working Area:

BT.User InputUser InputJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek
BT.User OutputUser OutputJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek
BT.Workspace AccommodationWorkspace AccommodationS.A.D. Jumelet
BT.Workspace EngineWorkspace EngineS.A.D. Jumelet

NB: It is very well possible to move Building Block Types (and their corresponding Variants) to another Working Area, when the architectural authority/responsibility shifts. However Building Blocks should be assigned to only one Working Area at a time!

The following Environments are defined as contexts of facility usage within this Working Area.
Depending on the differences in requirements (quality and type of facilities) demanded per Environment, several Building Block Variants may be defined, check out the specific Environment description pages in the table below to learn more. No Environments found (yet)