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This property of type text contains a piece of text holding the Description for the page it occurs on. There should be only one "Has description" property on a page.

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This facility provides a run-time environment for the execution of application code, based on Cloud Provider standards.  +
Application Platform with an ABAP kernel for SAP built applications.  +
Application Platform with an ABAP and JAVA kernel for SAP built applications.  +
Application Platform with an JAVA kernel for SAP built applications.  +
This facility provides a Cloud service provider specific centralized Control Interface to manage Cloud Application solutions.  +
Deployment of customization, ABAP and JAVA programs for SAP Applications through the SAP landscape.  +
This facility provides authentication of external end-users, to be used in the DMZ Part of the Data Centre  +
SAP Authentication (native).  +
Connection between SAP GmbH and the SAP applications at the customer.  +
This facility provides authorization of external end-users, to be used in the DMZ Part of the Data Centre.  +
SAP Authorization (native).  +
This facility provides a centralized Cloud Portal to access Cloud applications in a standardized way.  +
This function provides the user interface for the Tablet device. This interface is adapted from common computer interfaces to handle touchscreen input and output.  +
This facility provides a user interface to the application that is executed by the Application Engine and formats data that is being exchanged by the application, for example application messages.  +
The receipt printer is a facility that delivers a paper receipt to customer that lists the goods they have purchased.  +
The SAP Router provides several connection services for a SAP Application.  +
Traffic Filtering facility to control traversal of data traffic that originates from the Internet as an outer perimeter defence.  +
This function represents the (external) peripherals that can supply a tablet with input, such as an external keyboard and/or mouse, stereo microphone, external harddisk etc. In some situations the standard input facilities of a tablet function less than optimal; in these cases one or more peripherals may be able to improve the user input experience.  +
Enables input of control information and data from an end-user.  +
Enables output of interface information to the end-user. This variant is used to accommodate User Workspaces where the screen (a variant of User Input) provides the User Output functionality at the same time.  +