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S.A.D. Jumelet

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The receipt printer is a facility that delivers a paper receipt to customer that lists the goods they have purchased.

Business purpose

Providing a proof of purchase to customers

Characteristics & indications of usage


  • Should be combined with ...


When designing a facility to implement this function, inclusion of all the following elements is prescribed; either mandatory, optional or explicitly forbidden:

Element Type Prescribed Rationale
Security level 3 mandatory It should not be possible to tamper with proofs of purchase to prevent fraud.

Quality Requirements

When a facility is designed according to this architectural recipe, it must/will satisfy the following Quality Requirements. This is the responsibility of the infrastructure designer. Note that because of the specified Elements (either the mandatory Elements and any applied optional Elements), some of these Requirements might automatically be satisfied.

QA Group Quality Attribute Value
Flexibility Adaptability C
Scalability NS
Maintainability Manageability High
Accountability PP
Reliability Availability Medium
Integrity High

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