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J.A.H. Schoonderbeek

A facility's/products adaptability, denoted as a single string, determines how easy or difficult it will be to make a change to the setup of this facility/product.

On the level of a single infrastructure facility, three aspects may be subject to adaptation:

  • Hardware
  • Software
  • Configuration

Maximum adaptability is achieved when hardware, software and the configuration all can be adapted (typically a facility that is based on a server platform). Minimal adaptability is scored when no aspect or only the configuration can be adapted (which is often the case when a facility is based on an appliance). In between, several permutations do occur.

On the product/pattern level, interoperability of the facilities that form this product/pattern is added as an aspect of adaptability. Interoperability is promoted by designing modular systems (using standard components), applying standardised protocols and tools and limiting the complexity of offered functionality.

Defined values for Adaptability:

ordinal value meaning
0 NS no adaptability specified
20 H only hardware is adaptable
21 S only software is adaptable
20 C only the configuration is adaptable
30 HS hardware and software are adaptable
31 HC hardware and configuration are adaptable
32 SC software and configuration are adaptable
40 HSC hardware, software and configuration are adaptable
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