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The SAP Router provides several connection services for a SAP Application.

Business purpose

SAProuter is an SAP program that acts as an intermediate station (proxy) in a network connection between SAP systems, or between SAP systems and external networks. SAP Sessions are terminated by the SAP Router.

SAProuter controls the access to your network (application level gateway), and, as such, is a useful enhancement to an existing traffic filter facility. SAProuter provides you with the means of controlling access to your SAP system.

You can use SAProuter to do the following:

  • Control and log the connections to your SAP system, for instance from a SAP service center
  • Set up an indirect connection when programs involved in the connection cannot communicate with each other due to the network configuration
    • Address conflicts when using non-registered IP addresses
    • Restrictions arising from traffic filtering systems
  • Improve network security by means of the following:
    • A password, which protects your connection and data from unauthorized external access
    • Allowing access from particular SAProuters only.
    • Only allowing encrypted connections from a known partner (using the SNC layer)
  • Increase performance and stability by reducing the SAP system workload within a local area network (LAN) when communicating with a wide area network (WAN)

The picture below illustrates your network (LAN) using a firewall as protection against access from outside. There is SAProuter running on the firewall host serving as a “door” to your network. This door is only opened for connections you specify.

How a SAPRouter is used for protected access to inside SAP Resources

Characteristics & indications of usage

There is only one SAProuter within ArchiSurance/AF. Use this SAProuter. Check for the latest information/inside deatails the following websites:


When designing a facility to implement this function, inclusion of all the following elements is prescribed; either mandatory, optional or explicitly forbidden:

Element Type Prescribed Rationale
SAP Router mandatory Specific Software to implement the SAP specific Session Endpoint.

Quality Requirements

When a facility is designed according to this architectural recipe, it must/will satisfy the following Quality Requirements. This is the responsibility of the infrastructure designer. Note that because of the specified Elements (either the mandatory Elements and any applied optional Elements), some of these Requirements might automatically be satisfied.

QA Group Quality Attribute Value
Flexibility Adaptability HSC
Scalability out
Maintainability Manageability Medium
Accountability PP
Reliability Availability Medium
Integrity High

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