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This Building Block Type belongs to Working Area Middleware (MW). It offers a means to store and publish permissions (technical representations of business rules about infrastructural actions like reading or writing information). It usually accompanies a Permission Validation facility.
Note that permissions most often cannot be written in a standard format; thus, the capabilities of a Permission Register with respect to the kinds of permissions it can handle are hard-coded. This means that if a Permission Register (and Permission Validation) facility is positioned in an infrastructure landscape to authorize access to a set of resources, it cannot automatically be assumed fit to also authorize access to a new, different set of resources. E.g. a Permission Register that holds access control lists for web addresses cannot be assumed to also be able to hold access control lists to modules of a specific business application.

Permission Register is modelled separately from Permission Validation for two major reasons:

  • to account for the security aspects (both in the sense that a Permission Register itself must be properly secured, and that positioning a Permission Register in an infrastructure overview serves as a focal point for security considerations), and
  • because the permissions that can be stored in a particular Permission Register instance are inherently limited to a specific set of actions (as described above).


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