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This text describes why a certain accountability has been selected.

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When using external resources, service providers should supply "pay per use" as one of the drivers to obtain these services externally. Business units incurring them should be charged according to the use they make of these services, in order to put a brake on intractable consumption of these offerings.  +
Facilities in the Office environment are easily accounted per piece. Because of the high management cost of single units, this is a recommended practice in this environment.  +
Facilities in the Office Guest Environment are accounted in a shared way, because hospitality to guests is regarded as a company wide duty.  +
Using piecewise pricing per user (account) that is able to work within this Environment, availability of central resources for this type of use can be guaranteed. It also fosters the awareness of the desirability of the protection of free time that is of important value to ArchiSurance.  +
For established business, Shared Pricing (SP) should be applied. However, startups are obligated to a Measured Pricing regime, in order to estimate networking costs.  +
Shared Pricing (SP) should be applied. Although in reality a great diversity in pricing exists - because of the physical and geographic conditions of ArchiSurance sites, units/sites that are alike from a business perspective should be charged alike. That way, there is no 'brake' on deployment of Distribution Points in 'difficult' area's, for example.  +
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