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S.A.D. Jumelet


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In the "Mobile Office" Environment, it is possible to access ArchiSurance IT resources by means of a facilities kit that can be moved easily and is equipped with wireless connectivity solutions that are widely supported. These are employed to support "on location" activities, decreasing the need for travelling to and from ArchiSurance offices. Some facilities kits are deployed from specially prepared flying cases, others are built in special vans.

Examples within ArchiSurance: Auction halls, trade fairs, et cetera.

Business Context

These facilities provide the possibility to work "on location" and still have access to back-office solutions, without the necessity to return to an "Office" Environment. It is most commonly used by traders and sales representatives with a special assignment.

Quality Demands

The quality demands of this Environment are:

QA Group Quality Attribute Value Rationale
Flexibility Adaptability HSC Because the facilities needed in a Mobile Office situation can differ from deployment to deployment, adaptability is a very important quality aspect in this Environment.
Scalability NS -
Maintainability Manageability Medium Within this Environment, facilities are physically located at a (long) distance from maintenance personnel, so remote management access is quite important.
Accountability NS -
Reliability Availability NS -
Integrity Medium Access from non-ArchiSurance employees is easy in this open kind of Environment. Facilities should be protected from abuse.

NB: Only the two or three most important Quality demands for this environments are rated here. The purpose of this listing is to generally characterize an Environment in terms of Quality demands.

Building Block Variants, suited for this Environment

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