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This text describes why a certain manageability has been selected.

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Within this Environment, facilities are physically located at a (long) distance from maintenance personnel, so remote management access is quite important.  +
A Distribution Point is an Environment in which ArchiSurance interacts with customers. Customers pick up their orders here. Failing facilities can cause negative customer experiences. Because Distribution Points are physically located at a (long) distance from locations where maintenance staff resides, good (remote) manageability should be guaranteed, in order to make repair times as short as possible, to reduce negative customer experiences on malfunctions and to reduce traveling time of maintenance personnel.  +
''is not an issue for ArchiSurance, but for the provider''  +
Although the volume of management effort for this environment is huge, the cost of increasing manageability across the line to the next level ('''Medium''') might not reduce the management effort enough to justify the expenditure. However, any measure that increases manageability at reasonably low cost should be considered.  +
The decentralized nature of this Environment and the many end-users that are present in it, demand a sufficient manageability capacity, to lower exploitation costs.  +
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Because these facilities are (physically) located at some or even a far distance from ArchiSurance maintenance personnel, proper manageability is important in order to prevent maintenance costs.  +
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