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This is an Environment document

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S.A.D. Jumelet


This Environment exists in the following Working Area(s):


In the On Site Environment, facilities are in place that provide local data storage (mostly on a remote ArchiSurance premise).

Business Context

Storage facilities in this Environment are in use by Client and/or Server facilities typical for Distributions Points or Mobile Offices. Data in this Environment is not business critical.

Quality Demands

The quality demands of this Environment are:

QA Group Quality Attribute Value Rationale
Flexibility Adaptability NS -
Scalability up Data volumes are expected to increase further, e.g. mail and document data.
Maintainability Manageability Medium Because these facilities are (physically) located at some or even a far distance from ArchiSurance maintenance personnel, proper manageability is important in order to prevent maintenance costs.
Accountability NS -
Reliability Availability NS -
Integrity High On-site facilities are vulnerable to unauthorized access and manipulation. Therefore, facilities should be hardened and protected from abuse. Although data that is supported by the facilities in this Environment is not business critical, misuse can cause damage to brand and/or cause customer dissatisfaction.

NB: Only the two or three most important Quality demands for this environments are rated here. The purpose of this listing is to generally characterize an Environment in terms of Quality demands.

Building Block Variants, suited for this Environment

There are currently 0 Building Block Variants that can operate in this Environment.

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