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This property of type text contains a piece of text holding the Business Context for the page it occurs on. There should be only one "Has business context" property on a page.

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These facilities provide the possibility to work "on location" and still have access to back-office solutions, without the necessity to return to an "Office" Environment. It is most commonly used by traders and sales representatives with a special assignment.  +
In this Environment, ArchiSurance data is handled in a reliable and secure fashion, because the kind of data that is being preserved, retrieved and managed here belongs to core business processes.  +
The Middleware Environment Data Centre Back-end is used to accommodate all facilities that take care of data management/exchange and resource management for core business processes, from distribution planning up to delivery and financial management.  +
In the Data Centre - DMZ Environment, facilities are in place to support and secure transactions between internal and external end users or other party's systems and core business processes of ArchiSurance. Examples are orders that are placed on the ArchiSurance website and payment transactions with credit card services.  +
ArchiSurance delivers grocery products to customers by making use of Distribution Points (like gas stations or shoe repair shops). Customers can order products on-line and collect their orders at Distribution Points at a time that is convenient for them. At Distribution Points, groceries are delivered and stored, prior to customer pick-up. That means that at Distribution Points climate control and other preservative measures are being taken. Customers can also return goods at their Distribution Point, requiring administrative facilities to cope with this.  +
ArchiSurance uses providers of external services (so called "Cloud services"). ArchiSurance uses these external services for support of innovative projects and sales events. Although ArchiSurance does not manage these facilities itself, it should impose proper Quality Demands on the service offerings of external/cloud providers in order to safeguard important business processes.  +
This Environment doesn't actually serve any business context.  +
In this Environment day to day business is carried out by most of the divisions of ArchiSurance.  +
ArchiSurance wants to provide easy access to the Internet to its contractors and visitors. This enables a more efficient way of working for this target user group, that will benefit ArchiSurance as well. It also decreases the unauthorized efforts that are made to provide Internet access to external users by ArchiSurance personnel that try to individually provide hospitality.  +
In the Remote Environment, ArchiSurance employees can access centralized ArchiSurance IT-resources, for example on the road, at home or in a hotel, or at an office of a third party that provides public Internet access. Sales representatives, traders, Quality Assurance personnel, IT-administrators are typical user groups that work in this Environment. From this Environment, employees are able to access valuable resources to make better deals, to check important product data on third party or Distribution Point premises, or to process information/accomplish urgent administrative tasks outside business hours.  +
This Location doesn't actually serve any business context.  +
In this Location day to day business is carried out by most of the divisions of ArchiSurance.  +
ArchiSurance is expanding towards other European and South-American countries. Networking connections to these satellite activities are crucial for launching capabilities.  +
Most (critical) business processes within a business region (often a country) make use of data traffic between physical locations that are part of this region. Facilities in this Environment are also important for the monitoring of storing conditions at Distribution Points.  +
This Environments provides connectivity to systems that are used to carry out centralized business processes and applications, office applications, data exchange, etcetera.  +
This Environments provides connectivity to systems that are used to carry out externally targeted applications, data exchange (between external and internal systems), and connection to the Internet etcetera. These systems are very important for the Internet ordering process, and therefore crucial to ArchiSurance Business Continuity as a whole.  +
Both Business Continuity and Legal Obligations demand that (business) data is back-upped and archived in a proper manner. This means that copies of data collections need to be stored outside ArchiSurance premises. Loss of data in the off-site Environment can danger the ArchiSurance Enterprise as a whole.  +
Storage facilities in this Environment are in use by Client and/or Server facilities typical for Distributions Points or Mobile Offices. Data in this Environment is not business critical.  +
In some occasions, ArchiSurance data resides on systems that are beyond direct control of ArchiSurance. Examples are data that is to be found on smartphones (e.g. cached mail), privately held PC's and/or Internet café PC's (locally saved documents), affiliate party databases, erroneously printed documents, et cetera.  +