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S.A.D. Jumelet


This Environment exists in the following Working Area(s):


In the Office Guest environment, facilities are in place for unauthenticated users and equipment to access the public Internet (contractors, visitors).

Business Context

ArchiSurance wants to provide easy access to the Internet to its contractors and visitors. This enables a more efficient way of working for this target user group, that will benefit ArchiSurance as well. It also decreases the unauthorized efforts that are made to provide Internet access to external users by ArchiSurance personnel that try to individually provide hospitality.

Quality Demands

The quality demands of this Environment are:

QA Group Quality Attribute Value Rationale
Flexibility Adaptability NS -
Scalability NS -
Maintainability Manageability Medium The decentralized nature of this Environment and the many end-users that are present in it, demand a sufficient manageability capacity, to lower exploitation costs.
Accountability SP Facilities in the Office Guest Environment are accounted in a shared way, because hospitality to guests is regarded as a company wide duty.
Reliability Availability NS -
Integrity High End-users have direct, unattended access to most infrastructure facilities in this Environment. To prevent abuse, vandalism and long periods of unavailability, facilities must be equipped with high-class integrity provisions.

NB: Only the two or three most important Quality demands for this environments are rated here. The purpose of this listing is to generally characterize an Environment in terms of Quality demands.

Building Block Variants, suited for this Environment

There are currently 0 Building Block Variants that can operate in this Environment.

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