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The OIAm dimension "Environment" signifies a subdivision of infrastructure utilities that have been grouped in a single Working Area. The subdivision is made to account for external influences. One can easily see that within the organization "Ministry of Defense" a workstation in an office in the capital has a different set of properties/quality attributes than a workstation in the field (read: battlefield). Ruggedization of the PC is unnecessary for the office, but essential to the PC in the armored vehicle.

The purpose of this dimension is the grouping of external influences and/or the resulting demands and quality requirements that operate on a specific Working Area. This means that each organization can recognize as external influences the specific circumstances of their IT that results from their core activities. Where Working Areas are much alike for most (if not all) organizations, Environments are the most important expression of the uniqueness of an organization on its infrastructure. The environment "battlefield" is quite unique for the Ministry of Defense.

All elements under an Environment are managed with the same infrastructure expertise - this is to say that even if the Environment is recognized in more than one Working Area, it still does not span those Working Area's. Environment is not orthogonal to Working Area, it is not an independent dimension as such. Therefor, each Working Area will receive its own set of Environments, which probably, but not necessarily, will correspond to one or more Environments in other Working Areas.

Note that some Environments have been subdivided into sub-environments, which can be recognized by the double name.

When you have edit rights in this wiki: to create a new Environment, visit the Environment form. Note that you can also edit an existing Environment with the tab "edit with form".