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S.A.D. Jumelet


This Environment exists in the following Working Area(s):


In the Environment Regional, facilities are in place to establish connections between ArchiSurance sites that form one business region. In a business region, headquarters, branch offices, warehouses and Distribution Points are connected to each other. A special type of connection within this Environment is formed by the connections to Internet Service Providers (ISPs), that are established at regional level (instead of global).

Business Context

Most (critical) business processes within a business region (often a country) make use of data traffic between physical locations that are part of this region. Facilities in this Environment are also important for the monitoring of storing conditions at Distribution Points.

Quality Demands

The quality demands of this Environment are:

QA Group Quality Attribute Value Rationale
Flexibility Adaptability NS -
Scalability up and down Regional traffic patterns tend to change, dependent from business development. Therefore it is necessary that capacity can easily be added and reduced (without a penalty fee imposed by a Service Provider)
Maintainability Manageability NS -
Accountability SP Shared Pricing (SP) should be applied. Although in reality a great diversity in pricing exists - because of the physical and geographic conditions of ArchiSurance sites, units/sites that are alike from a business perspective should be charged alike. That way, there is no 'brake' on deployment of Distribution Points in 'difficult' area's, for example.
Reliability Availability Medium Because most business processes heavily rely on many facilities in this Environment, the standard class of availability is "Medium". If necessary, additional provisions from the class "High" are added to safeguard connectivity.
Integrity NS -

NB: Only the two or three most important Quality demands for this environments are rated here. The purpose of this listing is to generally characterize an Environment in terms of Quality demands.

Building Block Variants, suited for this Environment

There are currently 0 Building Block Variants that can operate in this Environment.

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