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This is a Pattern document

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S.A.D. Jumelet

Pattern Variant Lineage

This Pattern Variant is based on the following Pattern Type(s):

Pattern Type Description
Application Hosting Accommodates (business) applications and services

Business purpose

This solution is intended to be used for experimental and/or short-term business application hosting needs. It is intended for internal access/use only, and should be made available to end users through the Cloud Portal, that serves as an interface to applications of the intended type. Because this solution is intended to be delivered very fast, changes to the standard solution cannot be made.


This Pattern Variant defines the implementation outline of a solution that provides best effort application hosting, making use of a Cloud service.

Characteristics & indications of usage

  • Very fast delivery for experimental and/or short-term business application hosting needs
  • Only internal access allowed to hosted applications
  • Only best effort availability guaranteed
  • Makes use of Cloud Providers standards, it is not possible to implement additional features
  • Should make use of Cloud Integration solutions that are in place already, if needed:
    • Data Management - Cloud Internal Usage
    • Asynchronous Messaging - ESB
    • Workflow Orchestration - Common Cloud Application Direction
  • Makes use of internal Authentication & Authorization services, no additional Identity & Permission validation facilities are allowed.

Graphical Overview

This is the graphical representation of the infrastructure functions in this Pattern Variant, plus their main relations:

Application Hosting.Cloud - Internal Access Only Best Effort
Application Hosting.Cloud - Internal Access Only Best Effort

(The source file of this picture can be downloaded here).

Pattern Variant Composition

This pattern has the following subfunctions, expressed in Building Block Variants:

Environment WA Function check Rationale
External [[|]] BT.Application Engine icon Application Engine.Cloud - Internal Use Best Effort v This facility provides a run-time environment for the execution of application code, based on Cloud Provider standards.
External [[|]] BT.Presentation Engine icon Presentation.Cloud - Internal Use v This facility provides a user interface to the application that is executed by the Application Engine and formats data that is being exchanged by the application, for example application messages.
Data Centre - Back-end SE BT.Presentation Aggregation icon Presentation Aggregation.Cloud Portal - Internal Use v All Cloud applications should be accessed by end-users through a centralized Cloud Portal, in order to be able to centralize user access to Cloud applications, including Identity Validation and Auditing activities.
External SE BT.Control Interface icon Control Interface.
Cloud Platforms v All Cloud applications of a specific Cloud Service Provider should be managed through a shared Control Interface.

Pattern Variant Neighbors

This pattern has the following relations with adjacent (sub)facilities, expressed in Building Block Variants (BBV) and Pattern Variants (PAV). Note: if the table below is empty, then there are no architecturally prescribed relations with adjacent facilities:

Facility Type Environment Description
Authentication+Authorization.Internal users PAV N/A Manages the Identity and Permission Validation to permit usage of the application that is supported by the Application Hosting solution.
Workflow Orchestration.Common Cloud Application Direction PAV N/A Handles application scheduling and transaction coordination in a centralized way for Cloud applications.
Asynchronous Message Handling.ESB PAV N/A Handles application messaging in a centralized way. For both internal as for Cloud applications.
Data Management.
Cloud – Internal Use PAV N/A Takes care of logical and physical storage of Cloud Application Hosting solutions. Because of it's internal use, legal restrictions apply to this type of Cloud Data Management.


When designing a facility to implement this Pattern, inclusion of all the following Elements is prescribed; either mandatory, optional or explicitly forbidden. This comes in addition to the Elements prescriptions inside the individual Building Block Variants included in this Pattern:

Element Type Prescribed Rationale

Quality Requirements

When a facility is designed according to this architectural recipe, it must/will satisfy the following Quality Requirements. This is the responsibility of the infrastructure designer. Note that because of the Building Block Variants specified for this Pattern Variant, some of these Requirements might automatically be satisfied.

QA Group Quality Attribute Value
Flexibility Adaptability C
Scalability up and down
Maintainability Manageability Best-Effort
Accountability MP
Reliability Availability Best-Effort
Integrity Low

More Pattern Variant Neighbours

The following adjacent (sub)facilities, expressed in Pattern Variants (PAV), have a relation with this Pattern Variant. Note: if the table below is empty, then there currently aren't any infrastructure facilities using this Pattern Variant:

Facility Relation Description

Design Outlines realized with this Variant

No Design Outlines are realized with this Variant (yet)