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User details
user icon Name S.A.D. Jumelet
Job title Managing Consultant Business Infrastructure
Organization IT2fit
Telephone -
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Daniël Jumelet (1973) is Managing Consultant Business Infrastructure at IT2fit, Community Leader of the international OIAm architects community and chairman of the NAF Working Group Infrastructure Architecture. Since 2005, he has been researching the application of architecture on infrastructure development. Earlier he built up vast experience as infrastructure specialist in the areas of networking and security. He is author of the book “DYA|Infrastructuur, architectuur voor de fundering van de IT” (in Dutch), several (internationally) published articles on the subject of infrastructure architecture and co-responsible for the development and content of the on-line repository for infrastructure architecture, the "Open Infrastructure Architecture Repository".

Ownership overview

S.A.D. Jumelet is owner of the following Building Block Types:

ContributionsDocument typeWorking AreaMaturity
BT.Workspace AccommodationBuilding Block TypeClient Realm (CR)2
BT.Workspace EngineBuilding Block TypeClient Realm (CR)3
BT.Structured Data StoreBuilding Block TypeMiddleware (MW)2
BT.AccessBuilding Block TypeNetwork (NW)2
BT.Access AggregationBuilding Block TypeNetwork (NW)3
BT.Connection HandlingBuilding Block TypeNetwork (NW)3
BT.DistributionBuilding Block TypeNetwork (NW)3
BT.InterconnectionBuilding Block TypeNetwork (NW)3
BT.Load BalancingBuilding Block TypeNetwork (NW)3
BT.Traffic FilteringBuilding Block TypeNetwork (NW)3
BT.Status RetrievalBuilding Block TypeSecurity + Support (SS)0
BT.Application EngineBuilding Block TypeServer (SE)2
BT.CalendarBuilding Block TypeServer (SE)3
BT.Content HandlingBuilding Block TypeServer (SE)0
BT.Control InterfaceBuilding Block TypeServer (SE)2
BT.Presentation AggregationBuilding Block TypeServer (SE)2
BT.Process EngineBuilding Block TypeServer (SE)2
BT.Stream CastingBuilding Block TypeServer (SE)3

S.A.D. Jumelet is owner of the following Pattern Types:

ContributionsDocument typeMaturity
PAT.Facilities DeploymentPattern Type3
PAT.Facilities MonitoringPattern Type3
PAT.Message HandlingPattern Type3
PAT.OrchestrationPattern Type2
PAT.User WorkspacePattern Type3