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This Building Block Type belongs to Working Area Network (NW). A Traffic Filtering facility is used to enforce "transport zone protection" by protection of the borders of these zones. This task is carried out by means of filtering the data traffic that is traversing from one zone to another. Commonly, filtering is being done by means of a preconfigured list of rules that determine how the data traffic should be treated. These rules contain:

  • matches, in which one or more traffic characteristics are compared with predetermined values. Examples of traffic characteristics are:
    • network addresses;
    • transport protocol types;
    • transport protocol session ID's (port numbers);
    • message formats;
    • message content;
    • connection state.
  • one or more actions, that prescribes how to handle data traffic that matches the rule. Examples of actions are:
    • forward the traffic;
    • manipulate the data in the traffic;
    • reroute the traffic;
    • copy the traffic;
    • deny (drop) the traffic.


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PAT.Access SecurityAccess SecurityJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek3
PAT.Data Zone ProtectionData Zone ProtectionJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek3