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This Pattern Type belongs to "Infrastructure Sector Operations". This Pattern Type serves as a template for all facilities that are used by Operations to deploy IT systems, and/or configurations thereof.

Graphical Overview

This is the graphical representation of the infrastructure functions in this Pattern Type, plus their main relations:

Facilities Deployment pattern
Facilities Deployment pattern

(The source file of this picture can be downloaded here).

Pattern Type Composition

This pattern has the following mandatory and optional subfunctions, expressed in Building Block Types:

Icon Function WA Inclusion Rationale
BT.Deployment icon Deployment SS mandatory This type of facility is used to roll out software and or configurations to (remote) facilities that are set up and/or configured centrally
BT.Configuration Register icon Configuration Register SS mandatory This Building Block Type is used to store configuration data, either centrally or distributed. Stored configuration data can be used by the process engine to guide the deployment of software and/or configurations. Of course, the availability of configuration data in a structured way is also useful to operators.
BT.Configuration Retrieval icon Configuration Retrieval SS optional This type of facility is used to collect configuration data from remote facilities. This configuration data can be stored within a configuration register facility and/or used by the process engine to guide the deployment of software and/or configurations. Of course, the availability of configuration data is also useful to operators.
BT.Process Engine icon Process Engine SE mandatory The Process Engine facility is the heart of automated deployment solutions. It is programmed by operators to carry out deployment jobs. Depending on it's implementation, deployment activities are carried out based on rules, pre-defined jobs, configuration data, et cetera.
BT.Reporting icon Reporting SS optional This facility carries out reporting regarding deployment activities, to provide feed-back of the deployment solutions towards operators.
BT.Control Interface icon Control Interface SE optional The Control Interface Facility provides the management interface to deployment solutions. Depending on the implementation, this may be a programming interface to operators, or a self-service interface to end-users, who can trigger the installation of (user workspace) applications.
BT.Scheduling icon Scheduling MW mandatory This type of facility is used to schedule deployment activities.

Pattern Type Neighbors

This pattern has the following mandatory and optional relations with adjacent (sub)functions, expressed in Pattern Types (PAT). Note: if the table below is empty, then there are no architecturally prescribed relations with adjacent subfunctions:

Function Adjacency Description
Raw Storage mandatory To enable software deployment, storage capacity is needed to accommodate software deployment packages.
Authentication & Authorization mandatory Unauthorized usage of this type of facility is undesirable. Therefore, a facility to validate permissions is required. Permissions are usually linked with identities (of operators and/or users), so in many cases, an identity valication facility is needed as well. This pattern type defines such facilities and their supporting functions.

Pattern Variants based on this type

Pattern VariantBrief descriptionOwnermaturity
PAV.Facilities Deployment.Vendor MarketFacilities Deployment.Vendor MarketJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek2