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This Building Block Type belongs to Working Area Middleware (MW). A Structured Data Store facility controls the organisation, storage, management, querying and retrieval of "strictly structured data", e.g. a database. The facility can accept certain requests from clients, and performs the requested action (e.g. a data insert, modification, or a query) according to predetermined rules.

The facility can offer the following services:

  • a storage structure for the data;
  • a database modelling language;
  • a database querying language;
  • a transaction mechanism.

Note that additional functionality, or "intelligence", is offered by a separate function named Data Engine.


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Variants of this Building Block Type

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Semantic query
Semantic query

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Pattern Types using this Building Block Type

The following Pattern Types use this function:

Semantic query
Semantic query
Pattern VariantBrief DescriptionOwnerMaturity
PAT.Data ManagementData Management?J.A.H. Schoonderbeek?3
PAT.Identity+Permission ManagementIdentity & Permission ManagementJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek3