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This is a Pattern document

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J.A.H. Schoonderbeek

Pattern Variant Lineage

This Pattern Variant is based on the following Pattern Type(s):

Pattern Type Description
File Storage Carries out the storage and retrieval of loosely structured data at a single, logical location; can provide advanced functionality ("intelligence") to administrators and/or users.
Raw Storage Carries out the storage and retrieval of "raw bits" data at a single, logical location; optionally provides advanced functionality ("intelligence") to administrators and/or users.

Business purpose

To support operation of a facility, an instance of this Pattern retains files local to the facility or device. It thus supports the business purpose of that facility or device.


This Pattern retains data in loosely structured form, local to the facility or device.

Characteristics & indications of usage

If a device or facility is mobile, then the data stored using this Pattern will travel with it. This requires careful consideration of the security impact, both for the possibility of confidential data moving out into the world, and for the possibility of malware moving into the organization

Graphical Overview

This is the graphical representation of the infrastructure functions in this Pattern Variant, plus their main relations:

No graphic yet.png
No graphic yet.png

Pattern Variant Composition

This pattern has the following subfunctions, expressed in Building Block Variants:

Environment WA Function check Rationale

Pattern Variant Neighbors

This pattern has the following relations with adjacent (sub)facilities, expressed in Building Block Variants (BBV) and Pattern Variants (PAV). Note: if the table below is empty, then there are no architecturally prescribed relations with adjacent facilities:

Facility Type Environment Description


When designing a facility to implement this Pattern, inclusion of all the following Elements is prescribed; either mandatory, optional or explicitly forbidden. This comes in addition to the Elements prescriptions inside the individual Building Block Variants included in this Pattern:

Element Type Prescribed Rationale

Quality Requirements

When a facility is designed according to this architectural recipe, it must/will satisfy the following Quality Requirements. This is the responsibility of the infrastructure designer. Note that because of the Building Block Variants specified for this Pattern Variant, some of these Requirements might automatically be satisfied.

QA Group Quality Attribute Value
Flexibility Adaptability NS
Scalability NS
Maintainability Manageability NS
Accountability NS
Reliability Availability NS
Integrity NS

More Pattern Variant Neighbours

The following adjacent (sub)facilities, expressed in Pattern Variants (PAV), have a relation with this Pattern Variant. Note: if the table below is empty, then there currently aren't any infrastructure facilities using this Pattern Variant:

Facility Relation Description
User Workspace.Tablet uses this Pattern Variant -

Design Outlines realized with this Variant

No Design Outlines are realized with this Variant (yet)