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J.A.H. Schoonderbeek


Any mobile device that can store digital information must adhere to the following guideline:

  • if the device is a Company Owned & Controlled Device (COCD), then it must use strong encryption when storing any form of company data;
  • if the device is not COCD, then it is not allowed to store company data at all.


This guideline holds for all personal devices, such as mobile workspaces (laptops, tablets, smartphones), either company owned, owned by a ArchiSurance partner organization, or private property of a ArchiSurance employee or external employee.
The definition of "strong" encryption can be expected to change over time; to find out what encryption standards apply, please check the Strong Encryption guideline.


Building Block Variants and Pattern Variants that use this Element (mandatory or optional) are:

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PAV.User Workspace.TabletUser Workspace.TabletENV.Not Specified

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