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Red Hat Enterprise Linux (abbreviated RHEL) is a Linux distribution produced by Red Hat and targeted toward the commercial market, including mainframes. Red Hat commits to supporting each version of Red Hat Enterprise Linux for 7 years after its release. New versions are released every 18 to 24 months. ArchiSurance has composed it's own standard version based on RHEL, named SmartHat.


Building Block Variants and Pattern Variants that use this Element (mandatory or optional) are:

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VariantBrief DescriptionEnvironment(s)
BV.Application Platform.SAP ABAPApplication Platform SAP ABAPSE.ENV.Data Centre.Back-end
BV.Application Platform.SAP ABAP+JAVAApplication Platform SAP ABAP+JAVASE.ENV.Data Centre.Back-end
BV.Application Platform.SAP JAVAApplication Platform SAP JAVAENV.Data Centre.DMZ
SE.ENV.Data Centre.Back-end
BV.Identity Validation.SAPIdentity Validation SAPMW.ENV.Data Centre.Back-end
BV.Permission Validation.SAPPermission Validation SAPMW.ENV.Data Centre.Back-end
MW.BV.Database Management.SAP DatabaseSAP Database ManagementMW.ENV.Data Centre.Back-end

Building Block Variants and Pattern Variants where use of this Element is precluded (prohibited):

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No Variants preclude use of this Element (yet)