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This is a Generic Pattern document GP Content Hosting Version: 0.2 OIAr logo
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J.A.H. Schoonderbeek


This Generic Pattern belongs to "Business Support". This pattern facilitates the storing, editing and retrieving of relatively static content, and makes it available to authorized users in a suitable form. It may support version control, revision control, search, indexing, (semantic) annotation, and format management. To this end, it requires a means to store the content (at least loosely structured, but usually strictly structured) and a means to authenticate and authorize users. Notes:

  • The Presentation Engine may be required to support the format management functionality;
  • The Data Scanning function may serve to support indexing and search;
  • Reduction functionality may be used to de-duplicate, and possibly compress/decompress, the content managed by the pattern.

Services realized

This Pattern realizes the following service(s):

  • Content Hosting (This service hosts relatively static content, and makes it available to authorized users in a suitable form.)

Functional and Integration view

This is the graphic representation of the functional model of this Generic Pattern:

Content Hosting
Content Hosting

Generic Pattern Composition

This pattern is an aggregation of the following (mandatory and optional) functions, expressed in Generic Functions:

Icon Function Inclusion Rationale
GF.Content Handling icon Content Handling recommended This function models the main intelligence of the facility.
GF.Presentation Engine icon Presentation Engine recommended The Pattern is likely to offer format management capability; the Presentation Engine is the functionality that takes care of this.
GF.Presentation Aggregation icon Presentation Aggregation optional Addition of Presentation Aggregation allows to tie other digital content in with the content managed within the Pattern itself.
GF.Controlling icon Controlling recommended Provides an interface to control how the pattern operates. This interface is needed by technical administrators, but mostly by functional administrators.
GF.Caching icon Caching optional The facility may use Caching functionality to increase its capacity to receive and/or return content on request, as well as increase performance when processing content.
GF.Data Engine icon Data Engine optional Addition of Data Engine functionality is a means to model indexing and search capabilities.
GF.Rules Engine icon Rules Engine optional The Rules Engine function controls (semantic) annotation, format management and/or supports the Content Handling in its handling of version control and revision control.
GF.Reduction icon Reduction optional Reduction functionality can cover de-duplication and compression/decompression.

Services connected with this Generic Pattern

This Generic Pattern has the following mandatory and optional relations with adjacent Generic Services.

Service Adjacency Summary Rationale
Authentication & Authorization optional This service can validate an identity claim, and it can validate the permissions required for an action, as part of an Authentication & Authorization process. This service is nearly always needed to provide access control to the service's consumers and administrators.
Data Management optional This service provides its consumers the ability to manage strictly structured data. This service is nearly always used as a back-end to store the content that's being hosted by the Pattern.
File Storage optional This service offers clients the ability to store, retrieve and modify data in loosely structured form. The Pattern may use a File Storage service for storing simple content, next to, or instead of, a Data Management service.

Applied Patterns based on this Generic Pattern

The following Applied Patterns are based wholly or in part on this Generic Pattern: