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This is a Generic Function document GF Presentation Engine Version: 0.4 OIAr logo
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S.A.D. Jumelet


This Generic Function belongs to Working Area Server. A Presentation Engine function processes the input to and/or output from a facility, modelling the (technical) intelligence involved. This function can be used to model

  • a client interface;
  • an application programming interface (API);
  • translating data that is exchanged with/from that facility.

Presentation Engine functionality can also be deployed model how input/output capability is delivered to the consumer of a facility. For instance, a specialized Presentation Engine can decouple the physical location where the infrastructure facility is located from the physical location where the results are to be consumed. This comes in handy in situations where data is processed in bulk while data transport capabilities to/from the consumer are limited, e.g. when consulting a large database, or when using a remote workspace from a location with little bandwidth.


The image "Icon GF Presentation Engine.png" (shown below) can be used to represent this infrastructure function in graphical Pattern representations that it might be part of:

Icon for this function

Generic Patterns using this Generic Function

The following Generic Patterns use this function:

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Generic PatternOwnerMaturity
Application HostingJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek4
Content HostingJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek3
Data Protection & Archive ManagementJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek2
Managed File TransferJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek3
Message HandlingJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek4
WorkspaceJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek4

Applied versions of this Generic Function

The following variants of this function have been defined:

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No Applied Function based on this Generic Function (yet)
Brief descriptionThis function processes input to and output from an infrastructure facility. +
Friendly namePresentation Engine +
Function iconIcon GF Presentation Engine.png +
OwnerS.A.D. Jumelet +
Page maturity4 +
PagetypeGF +
Version0.4 +
Working AreaServer +