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Welcome to the OIAr
Open Infrastructure Architecture method
This site is the home for everyone that is concerned with IT architecture according to OIAm. OIAm stands for Open Infrastructure Architecture method (OIAm). OIAm provides a structured, repeatable, efficient and powerful way to create meaningful overarching designs for IT infrastructure. The method is tried and proven with organizations up to multinationals, and has community content at the front and centre. This site is in the process of being updated, to reflect the latest insights that are being described in a new book ‘Bringing IT architecture to life’ (English) / ’Levende IT-Architectuur' (Dutch).
The Repository
This section of the wiki contains the OIAm community content. The following links are the quickest way to get to browse the content, if you already know what OIAm entails and have an idea what you're looking for.
The Repository
The Repository
OIAm: How does it work?
This section of the wiki presents the methods and products that make up OIAm.
The theory
The theory
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OIAm workgroup convenes by J.A.H. Schoonderbeek on 22 December 2014

December 11, 2014, a workgroup of infrastructure architects convened to improve the OIAm modelling practice.

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