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The OIAm dimension "Working Area" signifies a logical grouping of infrastructure facilities (Infrastructure Functions) that offer a similar kind of functionality, and may be managed with similar infrastructure expertise. The main purpose of this dimension is to group infrastructure functions for easy reference.

Each organization could theoretically divide the functionality present in the infrastructure landscape along different lines, according to their own interpretation of fields of expertise and substantial responsibility. However, in practice we see that most organizations benefit most from using the same set of Working Areas, as it makes it easier to consult with other organizations.

In this wiki, Working Area is a property of type text. Infrastructure functions are assigned to a Working Area by setting the attribute "Working Area" to the appropriate value. The possible values, and their significance, is listed below.

OIAm proposes the following Working Areas.

Working Areas

Client Realm

Infrastructure functions that fall in this Working Area offer to process input from or deliver output to end users. This Working Area thus includes facilities realized with PC's, printers, scanners and telephones, but also with more specialized facilities like kiosks or Point-of-Sale equipment (cash registers, bar code scanners). They share a couple of characteristics:

  • the functionality involves either receiving input from, or creating output to the end user, or both;
  • the functionality is always realized at the location of an end user, or a group of end users.


This Working Area comprises the facilities that provide (business) application support, like messaging, identity and resource management. Generally they share a couple of characteristics:

  • the functionality is closely related to those of Functions from the Working Area Server;
  • the functionality is usually being shared by multiple applications;
  • the functionality provided is not intended to be used directly, but to support (business) applications.


The Network Working Area comprises facilities that are used to transport, and optionally control, manipulate and shape data between systems and locations. In general, these facilities share a couple of characteristics:

  • the functionality always concerns the transport of digital data between machines;
  • the functionality provided has a supportive nature, and cannot be used directly by end users and/or applications.

Security + Support

This Working Area contains functionality that is mainly used to enforce IT security, and/or assist the IT administrators in their support of the infrastructure.


The Server Working Area comprises centralized computing capacity and facilities. Next to business application execution, this Working Area encompasses many centrally processed functions, like e-mail handling, print spooling, call management et cetera.

Generally, the functions in this Working Area share a couple of characteristics:

  • the functionality is offered to business applications and end users;
  • the functionality is offered non-locally: some form of networking facilities are employed to provide intended users access to centralized facilities and applications.


The Storage Working Area compromises facilities that supply (physical) data retention/preservation.

Infrastructure functionality in this Working Area usually has the following characteristics:

  • it relates not only to the storing of data for a longer or shorter period of time, but also the retrieval of it;
  • it is never offered to end users directly.
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