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This property of type text contains the name of a function icon; thus, [[File:<function icon>]] should exist. Furthermore, it should be a symbolic picture for a function.

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Icon GF Access Aggregation.png  +
Icon GF Access Conditioning.png  +
Icon GF Address Lookup.png  +
Icon GF Alerting.png  +
Icon GF Application Engine.png  +
Icon GF Archiving.png  +
Icon GF Backup.png  +
Icon GF Caching.png  +
Icon GF Configuration Register.png  +
Icon GF Configuration Retrieval.png  +
Icon GF Connection Handling.png  +
Icon GF Content Handling.png  +
Icon GF Controlling.png  +
Icon GF Data Engine.png  +
Icon GF Data Replication.png  +
Icon GF Data Scanning.png  +
Icon GF Data State Preservation.png  +
Icon GF Deploying.png  +
Icon GF Distribution.png  +
Icon GF Encryption.png  +