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This is a Generic Function document GF Workspace Accommodation Version: 0.5 OIAr logo
Document type: Generic Function Owner:

S.A.D. Jumelet


This Generic Function belongs to Working Area Client Realm. Workspace Accommodation functionality is concerned with making ICT functionality available at a specific physical location and in a specific manner, outside of the precise Input and Output functions. It can be used to model behaviour, capability and/or characteristics for cases like the following:

  • Specific form-factor of an end user's workspace (e.g. representing the laptop form-factor with characteristics such as battery life, ruggednes and physical portability);
  • Delivery of a centralized virtual workspace on a specific location (e.g. representing the "thin client" computer hosting a "virtual desktop" or a "shared applications environment").


The image "Icon GF Workspace Accommodation.png" (shown below) can be used to represent this infrastructure function in graphical Pattern representations that it might be part of:

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Generic Patterns using this Generic Function

The following Generic Patterns use this function:

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WorkspaceJ.A.H. Schoonderbeek4

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No Applied Function based on this Generic Function (yet)
Brief descriptionThis function makes ICT functionality available at a specific physical location and in a specific manner. +
Friendly nameWorkspace Accommodation +
Function iconIcon GF Workspace Accommodation.png +
OwnerS.A.D. Jumelet +
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Version0.5 +
Working AreaClient Realm +