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This is a Service Definition document SD Application Database Version: 0.2 OIAr logo
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S.A.D. Jumelet


This Service Definition belongs to the Service Category "Data Management".

It provides a data store for applications with a predefined structure.

Used Services

This kind of Service (often) uses/is depending on the following Service(s). In ArchiMate (relation) terms, the service is "served by" this/those service(s):

Service Usage Summary Rationale
Database File Handling recommended This service offers databases the ability to store, retrieve and modify database data Every Database service must store its data at a lower data level, which means it requires the use of a File Handling service. Even in commercial products that request access to Mass Storage this is true, as these products actually provide the File Handling functionality themselves.
Authentication & Authorization optional This service can validate an identity claim, and it can validate the permissions required for an action, as part of an Authentication & Authorization process. A suitable source for identity and permission information may be required for
  • controlling access to the data stored in the Data Management facility;
  • management of the data;
  • managing the behaviour of the Data Management facility itself, using the Controlling functionality.
Data Protection Management optional This service provides the ability to protect data against accidental or wilful corruption. The data being handled by this Pattern may need to be protected against data corruption and/or loss. Even though this might be delegated to the lower level of the File Storage service that the Pattern uses, it's usually much better to handle data protection at the logical level of this Pattern, as at this level the interdependencies of parts of the datasets is known and controllable.
Archive Management optional This service provides the ability to create and use archives. The Pattern may need to archive (parts of) a structured data set, and/or may require access to an archive containing (parts of) a structured data set, in order to fulfil requests from its clients; furthermore, it may be necessary to migrate (parts of) an active structured data set to an archive. For any of this, the Data Management pattern needs access to an Archive Management service.

Services being served by this service

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The following service is registered in this repository to be dependent on this service:

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Underlying Pattern Definition(s)

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The following Pattern Definition is available to model an aggregated function that realizes this kind of service:

Service Description
Generic Application Hosting This service enables business application execution and usage.
Pattern Definition Description
Relational Data Management This Pattern provides the function layout to model "strictly structured data" handling, in a relational fashion.