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This is a Generic Service document GS Raw Storage Version: 0.1 OIAr logo
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J.A.H. Schoonderbeek


This service offers data preservation and data retrieval functionality with the following characteristics:

  • it operates on data at the level of "unstructured data";
  • it offers storage containers of predetermined maximum storage size;
  • it is accessed as if it is located at a single (logical) location;
  • the service may offer its clients extra storage related options, such as expanding/shrinking the storage container size, backup/restore, data migration, data replication and encryption. However, these operate over the entire storage container.

Generic Pattern realizing this Generic Service

The following Generic Pattern realizes this Generic Service:
Raw Storage (This Pattern offers functionality for the storage and retrieval of unstructured data at a single, logical location; it may also provide "intelligence" to administrators and/or consumers.)

Applied versions of this Generic Service

The following variants of this service have been defined:

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