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Template documentation

This template defines and shows a wiki page's maturity. The named parameter for the maturity is mandatory - use "0" if you do not want to specify maturity; the page will receive a status of "proposal". To use the template, cut and paste the following code:


You are allowed to add a second parameter, which will then become an extra line containing "Status: <what you entered>"

{{Maturity|4|Awaiting approval by F. Urquhart-Jones}}

The values that this template allows are:

  • 0 - "proposal" page - useful for formulating new ideas;
  • 1 - "stub" page - a minimum of usable information is filled in. The page is a placeholder for such a time that actual data is put in;
  • 2 - "young" page - some amount of usable information is present, but should in no way be seen as definitive;
  • 3 - "usable" page - the information on the page is supposed to be mostly usable, although it might not be complete and/or verified;
  • 4 - "mature" page - the information on the page is supposed to be complete and fully usable, although it may still be improved or altered;
  • 5 - "official" page - the information on this page is sanctioned by the architecture board;
  • 8 - "problem" page - the creator of the page has neglected to specify a maturity;
  • 9 - "obsolete" page - this page is no longer in active use.