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J.A.H. Schoonderbeek


This Service delivers the generic (user) digital workspace, which acts as a gateway between the digital and physical world. This generic Service is realized by a Generic Pattern that's representative of many different variants of workspaces, including user desktops and telephony solutions (that in some cases provide an additional workspace, dedicated to the application of telephony).

The goal of a Workspace Generic Service is to generally supports its digital consumer in the following ways:

  • interacting with the physical world, in order to:
    • collect and process information from the physical world, such as user input (keyboard presses, mouse movement, touch screens, MIDI keyboard) and all sorts of sensors (including camera and microphone)
    • create and produce output to the physical world, such as monitor or beamer images, sound/music, prints (color, black&white or 3D), or control signals for machinery varying from MIDI musical instruments to CNC (Computer Numerical Control) machines.
  • provide a specialized form of application hosting: functionality to accommodate (business) application services, but adapted to interaction with end users and/or the physical world.

While Workspace implementations often use the desktop computer metaphor, OIAm's use of the term is not limited to facilities that can deliver a user the desktop experience. Other devices (such as mobile and wearable devices, multifunctional workgroup printers et cetera) may also be modelled, as long as either user input and/or output are present.

Generic Pattern realizing this Generic Service

The following Generic Pattern realizes this Generic Service:
Workspace (This Pattern models a gateway between the physical and digital world, such as a user workspace.)

Applied versions of this Generic Service

The following variants of this service have been defined:

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