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Enhancement of Rationale descriptions

  • Storage Engine: Also handles communication with front-end (File Engine), this is lacking in the current description
  • Control Interface: This function can be used for several Management Tasks, like:
    • Restoring (partial) back-ups
    • Capacity & Performance Management
    • Provisioning (this specific one is already mentioned at too great a level of detail
    • Rules Management, in order to guide data migration between Tiers
    • et cetera
  • Back-up & Restore
    • The second bullet (to facilitate storage migration, where stored data is migrated off-line to backup media according to specific rules, and restored to active storage upon demand and/or rules.) is a specific form of hierarchical archiving.
    • Back-up & Restore can be a subfunction of a versatile Retention Engine, e.g. issuing a Snapshot/clone-like back-up, or it can be implemented by means of a dedicated Retention Engine. This should be made clear in the Rationale and the Building Block Type description.
  • Archiving: Cannot/schould not be done at raw storage level, because at this level Information Life Cycle Management is not possible.

Authentication can not be done at this storage level, authorization is done at a very basic level (permissions based on WWPN-addresses per connected port).

Daniel Jumelet, during meeting with Joost Bleijenberg and Rinus van der Kolk, 15:00, 16 November 2011 (CET)

OK the above remarks have been integrated in the text as I understood them. --Jan Schoonderbeek 10:49, 17 November 2011 (CET)