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Functional Modelling Masterclass June 2014
published 2014/04/24, written by J.A.H. Schoonderbeek, expires 2015/12/31

Prior to the OIAm community event in Utrecht, June 18th, there will be opportunity to follow a Masterclass in functional modelling.

Learning about the theory of functional modelling is one thing, applying it in practice is something else entirely. That is why the sponsors of the OIAm community event are organizing a masterclass modelling for infrastructure architects, to be held at Equens in Utrecht, the Netherlands, in the morning prior to the OIAm community event. In this masterclass, participants will get a brief recap of the main OIAm theory with respect to the actual functional modelling, after which participants will work in small groups on a practical case. Here an architecture will be drafted, which will give the participants hands-on experience in the modelling of infrastructure based on functionality, instead of products and constructions. Capacity of the Masterclass is only 40 people, and participation is free.

The main page for Functional Modelling masterclasses can be found at this page; here you'll also find the information on the location and the way to sign up.