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(passing on Summary field)
(get this template out of the GF cat)
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| pagetype = GF
| pagename = {{{name|}}}
| summary = {{{summary|unspecified}}}
|doctype=Generic Function
| doctype = <includeonly>Generic Function</includeonly>
| version = {{{version|}}}
| owner   = {{{owner|}}}

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This Generic Function is not assigned to a Working Area yet.

Template documentation

This template should be at the top of pages defining Generic Functions. It takes these named parameters:

  • name takes a brief description of the Generic Function, which is then available throughout the wiki as the "Friendly name" property;
  • summary takes a short, functional description of the artefact to which the page relates, which is then available throughout the wiki as the "Brief description" property. If left empty it's content will become "unspecified";
  • WorkingArea is the Working Area under which the Generic Function resides; this template will have the page "belong to" this Working Area by setting the property "Assigned to"
  • version holds the version number of the document itself
  • owner holds the designated owner of this architecture product. Please provide the Displayname of the wiki user that is the owner (or else his/her login name without the User: prefix).

It calls upon template {{Pageheaderbox}} to create the actual box.

To use the template, cut and paste the following code: