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This box should be in every user page. It takes a number of named parameters:

  • displayname is the user's full name, as displayed in several places in this wiki, like ownership tables.
  • title is an optional field describing the user's job title.
  • company is the organization the user works for.
  • department is an optional field describing what department or role the user works in at his/her organization.
  • telephone should be a telephone number the user is normally available at. The form is free, but preferably the internationally recognized format, something like "+31-(0)53-4878151".
  • extension can be left out if no extension is needed. If provided, it is shown after the telephone number between parenthesis and with a leading plus sign, e.g. "+31-(0)53-4878151 (+1234)".
  • mobile is an optional secondary phone number.
  • email should hold a valid email address, like "user@example.com". The template makes this a clickable link.
  • pic should be the name of an uploaded photo of the user himself/herself. Note that it will usually be displayed in a pass-photo-sized box (7 wide, 9 high) so upload a photo that has approximately those proportions. We strongly encourage using the login username itself as the picture name (e.g. Jan.png for user Jan).
  • sex should be either M or F; if no pic is given, this determines the icon of the user next to the user data. If neither sex nor pic are declared, an androgynous icon is used by default.

To use the template, cut and paste the following code:

{{Contact Data