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This template should be at the top of commentary pages - which should accompany other pages. Currently a commentary page is supposed to accompany only one other page, although one page may have multiple commentary pages.

The template takes these named parameters:

  • version holds the version number of the document itself, since on major updates of the commentary (e.g. with new examples) you need a new reference - the new version number.
  • owner holds the designated owner of this commentary page. Please provide the Displayname of the wiki user that is the owner (or else his/her login name without the User: prefix).

It calls upon template Pageheaderbox to create the actual box.

The template attempts to identify the page or pages that have this page as a commentary page. If such a "target page" cannot be found, this page assumes the target page has the same name as this page, minus 11 characters (which would correspond with the appended string ".Commentary").

To use the template, cut and paste the following code: