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The OIAm dimension "Location" signifies a conceptual location that corresponds with a particular business context. It's necessary to recognize the business contexts in which particular parts of an infrastructure facility operate, in order to be able to account for external influences on those parts. As an example: one can easily see that within the organization "Ministry of Defence" a workspace in an office in the capital has a different set of properties/quality attributes than a similar workspace operating somewhere on the battlefield. Where "ruggedization" of the workspace is not needed for the office, it's essential to the workspace in the back of an armoured vehicle.

The purpose of this dimension is the grouping of external influences and/or the resulting demands and quality requirements that are associated with the Location. This means that each organization can recognize as external influences the specific circumstances of their IT that results from their core activities. Locations are an important expression of the uniqueness of an organization as far as the infrastructure is concerned. The Location "battlefield" is quite unique for the Ministry of Defence.

When you have edit rights in this wiki: to create a new Location, visit the Location form. Note that you can also edit an existing Location with the tab "edit with form".

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