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This box should be at the top of most pages. It takes the following mandatory named parameters:

  • pagetype is usually the coding of the object for which the page is meant;
  • pagename takes a brief description of the object, which is then available throughout the wiki as the "Brief description" property; if left empty it's content will be the actual page title;
  • summary takes a short, functional description of the artefact to which the page relates, which is then available throughout the wiki as the "Summary string" property. If left empty it's content will become "unspecified". Note that at currently, the content of this field is NOT shown directly on the page where Template:Pageheaderbox is placed, at least not by means of this template itself.
  • doctype says what sort of definition the page provides, e.g. Pattern for a page describing a pattern or Architecture Requirement for a page describing an Architecture Requirement. Note: the text you put here, places the page in the respective Category; take care to use the correct name;
  • version holds the version number of the document itself;
  • owner holds the designated owner of this architecture product. Please provide the Displayname of the wiki user that is the owner (or else his/her login name without the User: prefix).

To use the template, cut and paste the following code: