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This template creates the Graphic Representation section on a Pattern page. It takes the following named parameters:

  • graphic: an uploaded image, such as is to show the pattern. This parameter is mandatory.
  • source: an uploaded file (likely a .vsd Visio file), which is the source of the uploaded image. This parameter is optional.
  • size: a wikitext parameter for the "Image" command, such as "400px" (width only) or "200x400px" (width by height). If left empty, the wiki will attempt to show the graphic in its original size.
  • title: the "alternative" text, i.e. the text that is shown when the cursor hovers over the picture. If left empty, the graphic file name is used.
  • kind: specify whether the graphic is a Pattern Type or Pattern Variant by using either Type or Variant. If left empty, Type is assumed.

To use the template, cut and paste the following code:


Graphical Overview

This is the graphical representation of the infrastructure functions in this Pattern Type, plus their main relations:

No graphic yet

Framed Pattern Type legend.png