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This query should be on every Pattern Variant and Building Block Variant page. It presents only the semantic query. It takes one (optional) named parameter:

  • page should be a Pattern Variant or Building Block Variant page, for which you want to find the Solution Blueprint(s) or Facility Blueprint(s) that have been created for it. If empty, the template will assume {{PAGENAME}}.

Note that within the template, a lot of calculations go on to find out if we need {{PAGENAME}} or not, and if that page is a Pattern or Building Block Variant. Note also, that if you call this template with a page that is neither, a Building Block Variant is assumed, and no Blueprints will be found.

To use the template, cut and paste the following code:


An impression of the result of using this template can be seen below:

No Solution Blueprint based on this Variant (yet)