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This template only serves to create a header for a Building Block Variant declaration. It is called with the following (mandatory) parameters:

  • environment contains the Environment for which this Variant is intended;
  • implementsBBT contains the Building Block Type of which this Variant is an implementation.

The template also shows the Working Area under which the BBV resorts, but this is derived from the BBT variant. Note that the template leaves an open table, so you can optionally add rows to the table (using Template:BBV Text Extra Header. No matter if you do, you must close the table with |} or with {{Table Ending}}.

Thus, you can call the template like this:

{{BBV Text Header
{{Table Ending}}

It looks a bit like this:

Variant Coordinates

Function icon Generic_Function.png

 This Building Block Variant...

... belongs to Working Area:   Unspecified
... is an implementation of Building Block Type:   Unspecified
... is intended for use in Environment:   Unspecified