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OIAm workgroup convenes
published 22-12-2014, written by J.A.H. Schoonderbeek, expires 22-12-2099

December 11, 2014, a workgroup of infrastructure architects convened to improve the OIAm modelling practice.
Plenary session at day's end

December 11, 2014, a workgroup convened in Culemborg to improve the OIAm modelling practice. Thirteen architects from the Netherlands and one from Belgium had discussions, both plenary and in two groups, on a range of topics. The two main topics were:

  • a guide with modelling conventions as drafted by the province of Zuid-Holland, and
  • content of the OIAr (OIAm repository) and the cut-over from the current version to the newly developed one.

The differences in interest, need and expertise have meant that a number of smaller work parties have formed to tackle different topics. The result of these work parties can be expected to become available over the course of next year, beginning with the new OIAr per January 1st.

If you would like to participate in a work party, in person or electronically, please feel free to contact us via mail or on Linked-In.