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rect  3  6 1080  63  [[OIAm_data_view|Data View]]
rect  3  6 1080  63  [[OIAm_data_view|Data View]]
rect  3  81  428 412  [[Infrastructure Sector Commons|Sector "Commons"]]
rect  3  81  428 412  [[Commons|Sector "Commons"]]
rect 437  81  863 412  [[Infrastructure Sector Business Support|Sector "Business Support"]]
rect 437  81  863 412  [[Business Support|Sector "Business Support"]]
rect  3 423  863 640  [[Infrastructure Sector Core|Sector "Core"]]
rect  3 423  863 640  [[Core|Sector "Core"]]
rect 872  81 1080 640  [[Infrastructure Sector Operations|Sector "Operations"]]
rect 872  81 1080 640  [[Operations|Sector "Operations"]]

desc bottom-left
desc bottom-left

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The set of Generic Patterns defined by OIAm cover most, if not all, of any organization's infrastructure functionality. As such, it can serve as an index, useful for classifying the functionality of a realized set of infrastructure facilities, or as an abstract sort of infrastructure landscape map.

A clickable map of the Generic Patterns that together form the archetype of the Infrastructure Landscape is depicted below. The overarching Data View is added for reference. The Generic Patterns themselves are grouped by the infrastructure sector to which they belong:

WorkspaceDigital Output ManagementStreams ManagementPortalMessage HandlingOrchestrationAccess SecurityAccess DistributionApplication HostingManaged File TransferContent HostingFacilities DeploymentFacilities MonitoringIdentity & Permission ManagementBackup & Archive ManagementData TransportData Zone ProtectionFile StorageRaw StorageData ManagementAuthentication & AuthorizationData ViewSector "Commons"Sector "Business Support"Sector "Core"Sector "Operations"Infrastructure Landscape.png
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