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This is a property of type text that holds a synopsis of the news item (preferably no more than a few lines).

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2013-12-22 OIAm workgroup convenes +December 11, 2014, a workgroup of infrastructure architects convened to improve the OIAm modelling practice.  +
2017-03-31 New Architecture book launch +A big thank you to the OIAm community for enabling the emergence of a new IT architecture guide  +
Announcement of the OIAm user day fall 2013 +The OIAm community fall 2013 event will be hosted at the Atos Headquarters in Utrecht, November 20th.  +
Work on OIAr 2.0 has begun +As part of the continuous development of the OIAm method, this instance of the OIAr is developed as a new and improved version of the previous OIAr.  +