News:2017-03-31 New Architecture book launch

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Launch of new OIAm based architecture book
published 06-04-2017, written by S.A.D. Jumelet, expires 31-12-2019

A big thank you to the OIAm community for enabling the emergence of a new IT architecture guide

Friday, March 31st, a new IT architecture guide is launched, strongly based on OIAm. Therefore, a big thank you to all the community members that made the wish for a new book come true. From those that were involved in the review process up to the members that came with little suggestions for improvements or important questions. Some impressions of the book presentation event:

Book Launch Event

This release of the new book ('Levende IT-Architectuur, praktische toepassing van een functiegerichte methode’, ISBN 9789492190413) is in Dutch, but an English translation is underway in cooperation with NXP Semiconductors. During the coming weeks and months, the OIAr will be updated to reflect the new insights that are presented by the book.