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Generic Service

Every organization will have its own Service Landscape. Because of the fact that services are external behaviour (according to ArchiMate), OIAm advises to select names that are recognizable within the organization and link those services to Aggregating Functions. Aggregation Functions (based on Generic Patterns) are given names that are formal and match with the typical names of the Generic Patterns they are derived of. However, to make the service clear, an example of a Service Landscape is given below:

Example of an Infrastructure Service Landscape overview

In the table below, a brief explanation of the Services is given, together with a link to the Generic Patterns these Services are related to.

Generic Service Description Generic Pattern
User Workspace Service Category comprising workspace services
Production Workspace Workspace service for task workers (might be integrated with other workspace types) User Workspace
Personal Workspace Workspace service for knowledge workers and decision makers (might be integrated with other workspace types) User Workspace
Printing & Scanning Workspace service (add-on) that provides means to create printed output and digitalize physical information User Workspace
Telephony Workspace service (add-on) for interactive voice communication Stream Handling
Connectivity Service Category containing all data transfer services
Data Center Transport Local data transport service within data center environments Data Transport
Office Data Transport Local data transport service within office environments Data Transport
Site Interconnect Data transport service that enables traffic between locations Data Transport
Cloud Interconnect Data transport service that enables traffic between on-premise locations and Cloud providers Data Transport
Collaboration Service Category containing different services that support working together in organizations and teams
E-mail Service to enable digital message exchange and storage Message Handling
Teleconference Service that provides mean to hold virtual meetings Message Handling
Instant messaging Service that enables users to communicate directly via interactive messages Message Handling
Presence Service that reports user contact status Facilities Monitoring
Knowledge Management Platform Service that supports and structures user community repositories (this site is an example of this type of service) Content Hosting
Computing Service Category with processing capacity
Data Management Service Category containing all structured and loosely structured data handling services
Storage & Data Protection Service Category with different services to preserve and protect data units and images
Deployment & Administration Service Category with a complete set of facilities to automate IT-service delivery and management
Security Service Category with a complete set of facilities to automate IT-user, IT-service and data protection

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This page contains the links to all 18 Generic Services that this OIAm repository positions in the infrastructure landscape. The following tables also show the Generic Patterns that realize the Generic Services.

Generic Service Description Generic Pattern Sector Maturity
Access Distribution This service serves to increase the maximum load that an IT resource can handle, and/or to allow access to instances of the resource spread over multiple sites. Access Distribution Business Support

Access Security This service is used to secure access to back-end resources. Access Security Business Support

Application Hosting Application Hosting provides functionality to accommodate (business) application services. Application Hosting Business Support

Archive Management This service provides the ability to create and use archives. Data Protection & Archive Management Operations

Authentication & Authorization This service can validate an identity claim, and it can validate the permissions required for an action, as part of an Authentication & Authorization process. Authentication & Authorization Core

Content Hosting This service hosts relatively static content, and makes it available to authorized users in a suitable form. Content Hosting Business Support

Data Management This service provides its consumers the ability to manage strictly structured data. Data Management Core

Data Protection Management This service provides the ability to protect data against accidental or wilful corruption. Data Protection & Archive Management Operations

Data Transport This service transports data between automated systems. Data Transport Core

Data Zone Protection This service satisfies relevant security requirements while passing data between different Data Transport services. Data Zone Protection Core

Facilities Deployment This Service can deploy the software part of an IT systems, and/or configurations thereof. Facilities Deployment Operations

Facilities Monitoring This service allows its users to monitor IT facilities with the aim of guarding operational continuity or security. Facilities Monitoring Operations

File Storage This service offers clients the ability to store, retrieve and modify data in loosely structured form. File Storage Core

Identity & Permission Management This service maintains the propagation and consistency of digital identities and digital permissions that are recognized within the organization. Identity & Permission Management Operations

Managed File Transfer This service provides a means to transport loosely structured data from a source to one or more targets, either ad hoc or structurally. Managed File Transfer Business Support

Message Handling This service handles transport, storage and delivery of messages between senders and recipients. Message Handling Commons

Raw Storage This service offers to store, manipulate and read data at the level of "unstructured data". Raw Storage Core

Workspace This Service delivers a (generic) digital workspace, which acts as a gateway between the digital and physical world. Workspace Commons


There are no pending Generic Service proposals.

Generic Service Description Generic Pattern Sector Maturity
Data Management This Pattern provides the ability to manage and make use of "strictly structured data", i.e. it controls the organization, querying, and retrieval of sets of organized data. no link

Note: the following Generic Service is deprecated:

Generic Service Description Generic Pattern Sector
Backup Management This service provides the ability to create and manage backups, and to restore (parts of) those backups. no link